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Welcome to 2021

2021 feels more like a continuation of 2020. The first couple months of the new year are meandered along by; leaving me thinking, wtf am I doing?

The story behind the video

I've always wanted to be on tv. Perhaps, be a star on a reality tv show. Perhaps, my own talk show. Why not both? I have many ideas and I just could not narrow them down. I've had attempts at projects that I never completed or simply did not post online. I've also had struggles with finding partners and co-hosts. The vulnerability of creating a show by myself was stopping me from starting. I was so focused on waiting for someone to help me. So focused on perfecting ideas, that I failed to begin.

Everything was self-filmed & edited by yours truly!

I filmed myself telling a story. No script. Just simply decided to speak in front of the camera. I then compiled old & un-finished footage to insert between my story. I decided to keep my screw-ups and awkward moments because I vow to keep my channel raw. With the help of some well-timed sound effects and some decent editing skills I completed a project I can say I am proud of.

The beginning of an exciting new chapter. Watch below!

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