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Clothing Transitions

A compilation: Inspired by TikTok & Instagram Reel trends

This was my one of my first couple times dabbling into video edit transitions. I've always been inspired by the trends that take place on TikTok and Instagram. So, in the spirit of "doing"

I decided to take a try at it myself!

How Did I do it?

After research & lots of trial n' error I figured it out.

It is important to keep your camera steady. I used a tripod and kept the camera in the same position for the entire recording of each piece. Do not move the tripod. When thinking about location, it was important to think of lighting and background. For example: If you are filming with moving clouds and the sun as your main source of lighting, you will have difficulty making the edit seamless. I learned this the hard way. The lighting and background must remain fluent throughout the entire recording. Once again, for all you pot heads who are forgetful. I remind you: do not move the tripod while recording.

The position of your body is important. I decided to use a method that was simply genius. To make your life easy while editing the project you are going to want to remain in the same camera frame during a transition. My genius idea: I use markers for where my feet should be. This ensures I am always in the same spot and I don't forget where I should be. For example: In the clothing transition where I was outdoors I used rocks & sticks as markers to ensure I was always in the exact same spot.

You're going to need to do your movement whether it be a jump spin or dance, two times. The exact same, as best you can. Let me dumb this down a little. I am just going to use a simple jump with a whole outfit change example. So, let us begin. With your feet planted & markers in place, you jump with outfit #1 on. Then, you are going to change into outfit #2. Put your feet back exactly how they were before. Thank you to the handy-dandy markers. While. back in the original position you are going to jump again with outfit #2 on. Try to jump with the same position, height & speed as your jump with outfit #1. If this is done correctly, the edit will be easy-peazy.

My favourite part. The edit. Let's continue with the jump example, because we are on a roll. What you're going to do is is cut right at the exact moment you are in the air of the jump with outfit #1. Scrolling toward jump wearing outfit #2, you're going to cut that part right at the exact moment you are in the air.

When you put the two cut clip's of outfit #1 & #2 back-to-back it should look as though when you jump the clothes change. But, thats not all!

To even better the transition 1. ensure that you've cut at the best possible moment for both clips. 2. add a cross dissolve. Make the dissolve only one frame for a quick trick. By adding the cross dissolve you trick the eyes into a very fast frame of blurriness on the transition from outfit #1 to #2.

That should be it!

Practice makes perfect. I certainly did not get this on my first try nor my second. Have fun with it! You'll get it. Heck, yours may even be better than mine.

xoxo - V

Tag me in your clothing transition videos @vicguyletta on instagram.

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